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Quality Modular Offices
in Hobbs, Carlsbad, NM; Midland, TX & the Surrounding Areas

If you have a temporary need for office space or a long-term need for a commercial office, we have the answer for you.

At Young’s Homes, we can quote and provide commercial modular offices, construction trailers, and other types of buildings built to your specifications. If you have a need for a mobile office to help coordinate work more effectively or bring your team closer together, we can supply it. In the event you require rig housing for a remote jobsite or oilfield rigging project, we have you covered. We have offices of all sizes in inventory for immediate delivery to your location.

Our service area includes but is not limited to Hobbs, NM; Carlsbad, NM; Midland, TX; and the entire Permian Basin. Our modular offices require very little service so we can provide them and quality service across a wider area for our customers.

Benefits of Modular Offices and Mobile Office Spaces

Modular offices are a great solution for when you need oilfield housing, construction trailers, or any mobile homes with land for temporary or semi-permanent use. Traditional methods of constructing office space can be costly in both time and money. The benefits of installing modular offices and workforce housing include:

Faster to Install: One of the primary benefits of modular offices is that they ship quickly and are also quick to install. Compared to traditional construction of office space, modular offices take less time to install. They can also be installed both indoors and outdoors, whether you need construction housing or a warehouse break room. The standard modular office only requires a few people to install and takes only a few hours!

Flexible and Movable: Another primary benefit to modular offices is that they can be moved and rearranged. Need to expand your current modular office? No problem! We can expand and reposition your mobile home and modular office at any time. Need to relocate entirely? Again, no problem, as modular offices can be uninstalled and reinstalled within a short time.

Built to Last: Although modular offices can be moved, they are durable solutions to office space needs. They can be moved multiple times and withstand several years of use, accommodating you and your business or company along the way through expansions and other changes.

Cost-Effective: Modular offices and mobile homes have a faster investment turnaround rate, as they cost less to construct, require less maintenance, and take less time to build, so you and your company can be up and running again faster.

Modular offices and temporary workforce housing has become increasingly popular. If you need temporary office space in the Hobbs and Carlsbad, NM or, Pecos, TX areas, contact Young’s Homes! We also provide mobile homes with land, manufactured homes, and land for sale. Call us today to discuss your modular office needs!

For all your office needs, either temporary or permanent, give us a call for a quote.

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